MoneyTrees Philosophy

Our Mission is to create MoneyTrees

Learn about our Philosophy and how to create your own

What are MoneyTrees?

MoneyTrees are assets that generate money purely passive or with minimal maintenance.

You put in work once in the beginning to create something that generates you a constant cashflow by itself.


MoneyTrees work completely passive.

You should not have to work constantly on them and waste time.


MoneyTrees need to be created once.

After the creation, they deliver constant cash flows


Grow while receiving passive money.

Your free time helps you to create more MoneyTrees.


Amount of MoneyTrees the average Millionaire has + constantly growing more.


What are MoneyTrees? Here are some simple examples:

Online Stores and dropshipping are great MoneyTrees, as you create them once and then profit from them passively.

There is minimal work involved to maintain them after the initial creation.

If you have fun, you can even create new designs as a hobby in your free time or you could get designers like us to create your designs. Like this, you can always replenish your store with new products automatically.

Blogs & websites can become wonderful MoneyTrees.

Once created and published, the content stays online and passively attracts people in the future, which can be monetized.

If you have fun in the topic, you can create new content in your free time or you outsource it, which would turn your blogs into a full automatic MoneyTrees.

Investments are one of the oldest known MoneyTrees.

From Dividends to automatic trading, there are many possibilities to turn your investments into MoneyTrees and let them grow by themselves.

Apps can be used for virtually anything.

From productivity to lifestyle apps or games, the possibilities are endless.

There are even people who created a MoneyTree out of a simple Flashlight app, which just turns the screen bright white.

If you have a idea for a app that the world needs, you are more near to a MoneyTree then you might think!

We can help you to create and monetize your app.

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