We help you create MoneyTrees & tremendous results.

your ideas into Money Generators while asleep

We are Moneytrees
a international next level full fledged agency – taking care of all your needs.

From Consulting, creating designs to website creation or celebrity booking, our expert team does it all.

It’s our mission to help you create “MoneyTrees“, which are Assets that passively supply you with money after their initial creation.

Grow your MoneyTrees with us. Lets create Seeds, which just need to be planted and nourished.

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Our services

MoneyTrees consults you in your ideas.

We shape your idea into a seed, which just needs to be planted.

MoneyTrees optimizes your business into a full automized one.

We take care that you are earning while sleeping.

MoneyTrees offers state of the art graphic designers, media creators & developers.

We create & maintain graphics & websites.

MoneyTrees organises celebrities for your event, appearances or endorsements.

With our contacts we fulfill any wish for any budget.

MoneyTrees advises you in corporate structures for international business.

We help you to go offshore and protect your assets.

MoneyTrees consists of successful traders, investors & blockchain advisors.

We advice you in all crypto related questions.

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